„…This approach also resonates with Denys Saitov’s mirrored boat piece entitled Apate (2021), which conjures a memory both vivid and vague, a scene that lies outside of time and space“.

Brenda Guesnet, IKOB

Memory: „I was sitting with this girl in a boat, on a beautiful summer day, in a foreign country. The water on the lake, smooth as a knife blade, stopped in time. The trees we are surrounded by have also frozen, and protect our paradise on this lake. She and I, naked, leap into the aluminium smoothness, penetrating inwards there. The lake is silver, a mirror of us. Everything is a mirror. I look at it and everything shines so brightly, like looking at the sun, it is impossible to look for long, it blinds my eyes, it is too bright a memory. How long did it last? I don‘t remember. Maybe an hour, maybe a few years. My back hurt. But it‘s okay. I/we are happy, I guess. When was that? A couple of years ago. In a foreign country. Her country. Who was I? What was she? Who are we now? I don‘t know. It‘s all gone, and there‘s no more of that lake, and no more of the rich blue, summer, cloudless sky. It‘s all somewhere in the back“.

IKOB Museum, Belgien 4m x 2,5m

Teufel der orangenen Gewässer (AT)


Eine brennende, verzehrende, ungestillte, unbestimmte…